Sex: female

Hair color: red


Long time dream to shoot together with the lovely Amarantha LaBlanche. Gorgeous extreme model from the Netherlands.

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Available collections

Things may get filthy 0
2016-07-13 Amarantha LaBlanche and DutchDame 31 images Domination

Things may get filthy

Frill and Thrills 0
2016-05-25 Amarantha LaBlanche and DutchDame 30 images Blonde

Frill and Thrills

Latex Laundry 0
2016-04-13 DutchDame and Amarantha LaBlanche 20 images Latex

Latex Laundry

Latex Laundry Video 0
2016-03-17 DutchDame and Amarantha LaBlanche 3:36 minutes Latex

Latex Laundry Video