Spider Dress

2016-02-06 DutchDame 58 images Latex
Spider Dress 0
Spider Dress 1
Spider Dress 2
Spider Dress 3
Spider Dress 4

One dame in the dungeon, locked with spider print latex.
Lets dress up DutchDame in different outfits.
Which one do you like best on her?

Model: DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: The Art of Fetish

Layers of Latex

2015-12-04 DutchDame 73 images Latex
Layers of Latex 0
Layers of Latex 1
Layers of Latex 2
Layers of Latex 3
Layers of Latex 4

Instead of a latex striptease, I will dress up for you.
I will dress up my naked body with multiple layers of transparent latex.
One dress, two dresses, gloves, gag, heels... What shall I add next?

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: KinkyStyle

Lovely Uniform

2015-10-09 DutchDame 50 images Latex
Lovely Uniform 0
Lovely Uniform 1
Lovely Uniform 2
Lovely Uniform 3
Lovely Uniform 4

Dressing up in lovely latex!
This uniform fits just perfectly on DutchDame her body.
Lovely green and pink colors with matching hearts.
Join me in this lovely submission with a very special hood...

Model: DutchDame 
Lovely Latex: Brigitte More
Photographer: L.A.TEX