Shibari Trio

2017-08-11 DutchDame and Kim Onart 8 images Bondage
Shibari Trio 0
Shibari Trio 1
Shibari Trio 2
Shibari Trio 3
Shibari Trio 4

Shibari trio with DutchDame, KimOnart and Sas.
We played with ropes and got all tangled up...
With ropemarks, MUA Mandy Rond and photographer Willem Schulte.

Latex Kiss part 1

2017-01-27 DutchDame and Latex Lucy 72 images Latex
Latex Kiss part 1 0
Latex Kiss part 1 1
Latex Kiss part 1 2
Latex Kiss part 1 3
Latex Kiss part 1 4

All of a sudden hear Lucy saying my name. As I walk into the bathroom, 
I see her all dressed up in gorgeous latex catsuit, gloves, stockings, hood and high heels.
She looks amazing! She shows me all her shiny latex curves and asks if I want to join her... 
Now we are together in heavy rubber outfits in a small space.
We need to get very close to each other and I can't resist stealing a latex kiss from her.
Would you like to join us too?

Models: DutchDame & Latex Lucy 
Photographer: coJac Photography

Catsuit Romance

2015-10-26 DutchDame and HoneyHair 20 images Latex
Catsuit Romance 0
Catsuit Romance 1
Catsuit Romance 2
Catsuit Romance 3
Catsuit Romance 4

Having a romance with the beautiful HoneyHair.Both wearing skin tied latex catsuits in different colors.
With matching gloves HoneyHair touches me all over my body. Join us as we lay down of floor for sexy latex romance!

Models: DutchDame & HoneyHair
Black catsuit: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Guldor

Japanese Fairy Tale

2015-10-19 DutchDame and Sinteque 44 images Bondage
Japanese Fairy Tale 0
Japanese Fairy Tale 1
Japanese Fairy Tale 2
Japanese Fairy Tale 3
Japanese Fairy Tale 4

Join DutchDame & Sinteque in this Japanese fairy tale.
Mistress Sinteque has full control over her slave girl's body.
Watch the Mistress tie up her slave girl. 
Just to make sure she can't escape her destiny...

Models: DutchDame & Sinteque
Bondage: Rope marks
Photographer: Daniel Berserker

Rubber Beauties

2015-09-21 DutchDame and Marilyn Yusuf 6:49 minutes Latex
Rubber Beauties 1
Rubber Beauties 2
Rubber Beauties 3
Rubber Beauties 4

Models: Marilyn Yusuf & DutchDame
Latex: Fantastic Rubber & Sebastian Cauchos