Pole Bound Dame

2013-02-19 DutchDame 4:05 minutes Fetish
Pole Bound Dame 1
Pole Bound Dame 2
Pole Bound Dame 3
Pole Bound Dame 4

Model DutchDame is getting dressed up in leather straps and blind folded.
Then strapped up to a pole. She can't see anymore and nowhere to go...
Video by RopeMarks.

Hard Rock

2012-09-25 DutchDame 23 images Bondage
Hard Rock 0
Hard Rock 1
Hard Rock 2
Hard Rock 3
Hard Rock 4

RopeMarks brought me deep into a forest, where this bench stood. Right in middle of nowhere! There he tight my arms on my back and put this huge slave collar around my neck. I ended up being left completely helpless in the lonely forest, blindfolded and gagged, legs spread and in a tight corset. Watch me suffering on the hard rock...

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: RopeMarks