Fetish Dressed Dame

2018-04-23 DutchDame 2:31 minutes Fetish, Amateur, Outdoors
Fetish Dressed Dame 1
Fetish Dressed Dame 2
Fetish Dressed Dame 3
Fetish Dressed Dame 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 12 October 2011

Stockings, gloves and hooded on ballet boots!

Model: DutchDame 

On the rooftop

2018-04-09 DutchDame 24 images Amateur, Bondage, Outdoors
On the rooftop 0
On the rooftop 1
On the rooftop 2
On the rooftop 3
On the rooftop 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 05 September 2011

On a lovely summer evening, I couldn't resist teasing my master a little bit. He dragged me up to the roof and stripped me naked. Tied me up and expose me to the entire neighbourhood! I made lots of new friends that day...

Model: DutchDame 
Bondage: Ropemarks 

Chrome cuffs and body

2018-02-26 DutchDame 24 images Erotic Nude, Amateur, Chastity
Chrome cuffs and body 0
Chrome cuffs and body 1
Chrome cuffs and body 2
Chrome cuffs and body 3
Chrome cuffs and body 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 9 May 2010

Steepthought brought a metal chrome coloured body set with matching handcuffs. Feeling sexy and the cold chrome clothing feels so good to my naked skin. Such a great feeling of cold metal warming up to my own body temperature. Besides that we had some fun with the mirror, double DutchDame!

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: Steepthought