Art in Atmospheric Fabrics

2017-06-19 DutchDame 31 images Nudist
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Art in Atmospheric Fabrics 4

Three artists coming together one hot sunny day in Atlanta.
Let's make art together! With my body, my ropes, your fabrics and your camera.
We want you be part of this! Join us inside and let's play...

Model: DutchDame
Fabric: Atmospheric Fabric
Photographer: Bondageart

Just you and me part 1

2017-05-29 DutchDame 52 images Recent
Just you and me part 1 0
Just you and me part 1 1
Just you and me part 1 2
Just you and me part 1 3
Just you and me part 1 4

Can I have your phone number? I have a little surprise for you...
Because I travel a lot and sometimes I am so far away, I would like to send you a few sefies. 
Some images are a little blurry, that is just lube on my camera.
I shined all my outfits really nice especially for you.
Straight from my camera send out to you, all for you...

Model: DutchDame

Caught on film

2017-05-22 DutchDame 27 images Bondage
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Caught on film 3
Caught on film 4

Caught on film during a private weekend.
In my own private house we play with a little latex and a few ropes.
All images are made with my old camera.
No filters added, just straight from my camera to you...

Model: DutchDame
Latex: Snake More 

Tied to the chair part 2

2017-05-19 DutchDame and Mistress Amrita 81 images BDSM
Tied to the chair part 2 0
Tied to the chair part 2 1
Tied to the chair part 2 2
Tied to the chair part 2 3
Tied to the chair part 2 4

I love being in the hands of gorgeous Asian Mistress Amrita.
She looks beautiful in her leopard printed latex outfit.
The Mistress has got a matching lingerie set and corset for me. 
She cinches my corset nice and tight, giving me that hourglass shape.
Afterwards she decide to tie me to the chair, this is where you come in!
She ties me up with her black ropes and afterwards she wants to sit on her new human chair...

Models: DutchDame & Mistress Amrita
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: Hikari San

Neon medical live show

2017-05-08 DutchDame 18:37 minutes Medical
Neon medical live show 1
Neon medical live show 2
Neon medical live show 3
Neon medical live show 4

DutchDame is being tied by Ropemarks at the Zauberfetisch party in Germany.
When we dim the lights, the neon starts shining bright! Join us in our little darkroom for a bondage demonstration.
Filmed by amazing photo and videographer Alexander Horn (L-A-TEX).


2017-04-17 DutchDame 3:14 minutes BDSM
Cornered 1
Cornered 2
Cornered 3
Cornered 4

Without any warning my master drags me into this old money bank. 
There I am... naked... helpless... with lots of rope! 
Watch DutchDame naked in bondage with locks, keys and loops.

Model: DutchDame 
Bondage by: ropemarks
Photographer: Guldor



The Loft

2017-01-20 DutchDame 81 images Bondage
The Loft 0
The Loft 1
The Loft 2
The Loft 3
The Loft 4

My master and his friends invite me their loft.
When I enter the loft, they were sitting on the couch.
There I stand in front of them. They stare at me planning their evening.
I am wondering what they will do to me...

Model: DutchDame
Bondage by: Rope marks
Photographer: FetLight

On the Pole

2016-12-30 DutchDame 20 images Bondage
On the Pole 0
On the Pole 1
On the Pole 2
On the Pole 3
On the Pole 4

A little private session for you and me.
This is my very first suspension on the pole.
The pole is very hard between my legs and shows no mercy...

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: Rope marks

Roxanne Rosa

2016-11-24 DutchDame and Roxanne Rosa 33 images Latex
Roxanne Rosa 0
Roxanne Rosa 1
Roxanne Rosa 2
Roxanne Rosa 3
Roxanne Rosa 4

It was a huge honor to model together with my beautiful friend.
Roxanne Rosa is a Dutch tattoo artist and bodypaint superstar!
Not only I get to dress up in latex with this gorgeous girl, I also get to tie her up!

Models: Roxanne Rosa & DutchDame
Latex: Odd Territory
Bondage: DutchDame
Photographer: GWH Fotografie

Simply beautiful

2016-11-18 DutchDame 18 images Bondage
Simply beautiful  0
Simply beautiful  1
Simply beautiful  2
Simply beautiful  3
Simply beautiful  4

Simple, minimal and beautiful!
Sometimes it is just wonderful to sit back, 
relax and enjoy a beautiful woman getting tied up in ropes.
Would you like to join DutchDame in the hot tub?
She is waiting for you...

Model: DutchDame
Bondage by: Rope marks
Photographer: FetLight