Latex & Lube

2018-03-16 DutchDame 12:35 minutes Amateur, Latex, Recent
Latex & Lube 1
Latex & Lube 2
Latex & Lube 3
Latex & Lube 4

This is the most private video I have ever made for you...
It is just me and the camera. No changes were made afterwards in the light or color.
This is pure raw, pure me! Just my body and a whole lot of latex & lube.
Join me inside for the 100% real and intimate video!

DutchDame wearing HW Design

Trampoline Teaser

2018-02-23 DutchDame 4:52 minutes Fetish, Giantess, Latex
Trampoline Teaser 1
Trampoline Teaser 2

A while ago DutchDame jumped outside during a photoshoot, the video went viral!
After the publication, request started to come in.
Especially for the lovers, bouncing boobs with DutchDame on a trampoline!

Model: DutchDame
Videographer: Me-Chiel

Submissive on the sofa, the video

2017-12-29 DutchDame 8:23 minutes Amateur, Fetish, Latex
Submissive on the sofa, the video 1
Submissive on the sofa, the video 2
Submissive on the sofa, the video 3
Submissive on the sofa, the video 4

He commands me to strip out of my clothing and take place on the sofa.
I am patiently waiting as I watch him unpack his bag.
My master brought lots of ropes, latex and cloths.
Slowly I get more and more excited as I wonder what he will do to me.
He walks up to me and smiles 'Let's have some fun' he says...

Model: DutchDame
Ropes: Ropemarks
Photographer: KinkyStyle

The morning of a rubber doll

2017-12-15 DutchDame 11:33 minutes Amateur, Fetish, Latex
The morning of a rubber doll 1
The morning of a rubber doll 2
The morning of a rubber doll 3
The morning of a rubber doll 4

Good morning! This rubber doll just woke up.
She spend all night in her latex catsuit, hood, gloves and socks.
After some morning movements and strechting, 
it is time to open up the curtains.
The sun is up and shining bright on the rubber doll.
Time to put on her ballet heels, 
then she is all ready for the day!

Model: DutchDame
Video: KinkyStyle

Sensual Striptease

2017-12-08 DutchDame and Louise L'Amour 15:42 minutes Fetish, Latex, Stripping
Sensual Striptease 1
Sensual Striptease 2
Sensual Striptease 3
Sensual Striptease 4

I am inviting you to join me in my house.
Wearing lots of layers of shiny latex just for you!
But it is getting so hot in here...
I just need to take this gummi goodness off slowly.
Will you join me in my fetish fantasy?

Models: DutchDame & Louise L'Amour
Latex: HW Design
Video: TheBlackSheep Photography & LatexFashion.TV

Into Pieces

2017-12-01 Alana Karah, DutchDame, and Roxanne Rosa 8:23 minutes Fetish, Latex
Into Pieces 1
Into Pieces 2

The full length video of the girls into pieces!
This is a very close up video of the shiny latex designs from Odd Territory.
Watch our curves, moves and lubed latex up close!
So close you can almost touch it...

Blow to pop!

2017-11-03 DutchDame 6:42 minutes Balloon
Blow to pop! 1
Blow to pop! 2
Blow to pop! 3
Blow to pop! 4

A little private video, this is just between you and me. 
I have put down my camera so I can film myself for your eyes only!
Do you like balloons? I sure do and I love to blow up these beautiful big balloons.
They grow bigger and bigger, my excitement grows too.
After I give my balloon a kiss, I give it my final blow...

Model: DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Balloon: House of Loons

In the club

2017-10-16 DutchDame 5:03 minutes Latex
In the club 1
In the club 2

DutchDame is dressed in multiple latex outfits. First I will take you to the bar and make you comfortable. Then I will take you to the next room to show you my sexy catsuit! It is so shiny and skintight!

Model: DutchDame
Latex: Fantastic Rubber
Videographer: Guldor Photography

In the attic, this could be...

2017-10-13 DutchDame 1:21 minutes BDSM
In the attic, this could be... 1
In the attic, this could be... 2
In the attic, this could be... 3
In the attic, this could be... 4

In a dark attic you could find these girls... They are tied and suspended to a metal framework. This framework used to have glass in it, there are still some sharp pieces pinching the girls naked skin. They are stripped of their clothing, completely naked and upside down. What would you do if you found these girls like this?

Models: DutchDame & Kitty 
Video: Ropemarks

Fetish Cafe Video

2017-10-06 DutchDame 8:05 minutes Bondage
Fetish Cafe Video 1
Fetish Cafe Video 2
Fetish Cafe Video 3
Fetish Cafe Video 4

A behind the scene video of DutchDame in the fetish cafe, together with Ropemarks and Studio3. Watch us preparing, creating and tying in a dark dungeon... Join us for a bdsm torture shoot! From tying DutchDame hands together all the way to tying her neck to the ceiling...