Sensual Striptease

2017-12-08 DutchDame and Louise L'Amour 15:42 minutes Fetish, Latex, Stripping
Sensual Striptease 1
Sensual Striptease 2
Sensual Striptease 3
Sensual Striptease 4

I am inviting you to join me in my house.
Wearing lots of layers of shiny latex just for you!
But it is getting so hot in here...
I just need to take this gummi goodness off slowly.
Will you join me in my fetish fantasy?

Models: DutchDame & Louise L'Amour
Latex: HW Design
Video: TheBlackSheep Photography & LatexFashion.TV

Into Pieces

2017-12-01 Alana Karah, DutchDame, and Roxanne Rosa 8:23 minutes Fetish, Latex
Into Pieces 1
Into Pieces 2

The full length video of the girls into pieces!
This is a very close up video of the shiny latex designs from Odd Territory.
Watch our curves, moves and lubed latex up close!
So close you can almost touch it...

Spending a day with Latex Lucy

2017-11-27 DutchDame and Latex Lucy 19 images Bondage, Fetish, Latex
Spending a day with Latex Lucy 0
Spending a day with Latex Lucy 1
Spending a day with Latex Lucy 2
Spending a day with Latex Lucy 3
Spending a day with Latex Lucy 4

I am so lucky being able to spend a day with the one and only Latex Lucy! She is so gorgeous and shiny in her beautiful catsuit. Super cute with ponytails, she walks with me over the Boundcon fair in Germany. Together we try out BDSM devices and whips at the YourLifeStyle stand, latex at the Bondinage booth and get shined at the BeGloss station. Would you like to join our kinky day...

Latex: Rosengarn & Bondinage
Models: DutchDame & Latex Lucy
Photography by
Extra thanks to YourLifeStyle

Latex Sisters

2017-10-09 DutchDame and Kim Onart 10 images Fetish
Latex Sisters 0
Latex Sisters 1
Latex Sisters 2
Latex Sisters 3
Latex Sisters 4

DutchDame and Kim Onart are latex sisters! Hand in hand they walk through the park. Will you join us for a stroll on this nice summer day?

Models: DutchDame & Kim OnArt
Latex: Odd Territory
MUA: Damien Genefaas
Photographer: Mario Maganda

Wrapped in Plastic

2017-09-11 DutchDame 20 images Fetish
Wrapped in Plastic 0
Wrapped in Plastic 1
Wrapped in Plastic 2
Wrapped in Plastic 3
Wrapped in Plastic 4

Always so much fun spending time with the one and only Lew Rubens! One moment when I'm not looking, he captures me in plastic wrap. Once I am transformed in a plastic wrapped girl, he brings me down to the basement. He positions me between two big pillars and wraps more plastic between the pillars. Capturing me between two big plastic sheets. I feel restricted and am stuck between all these plastic layers. 
When Lew is done, he grabs a chair. Now it is up to me to try and escape... Photography by Rob McRea.

Transformation to Mouse

2017-04-21 DutchDame 64 images Fetish
Transformation to Mouse 0
Transformation to Mouse 1
Transformation to Mouse 2
Transformation to Mouse 3
Transformation to Mouse 4

Blonde beauty DutchDame awaits you in this empty room.
All dressed in white latex, do you like white latex?
Today we transform from beauty babe to heavy rubber mouse!
An unique experience and I am sharing it all with you...

Model: DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: Hikari San

Blow and Float

2016-11-05 DutchDame and Sinteque 75 images Fetish
Blow and Float 0
Blow and Float 1
Blow and Float 2

Gorgeous Sinteque is out in the sun, relaxing at the pool.
Slave girl DutchDame comes over to bring her a cold beverage.
But oops! So accidently spilled all over her mistress...
Punished is involved when Mistress Sinteque is disciplining slave girl DutchDame.
This included latex, ropes and inflatable items...

Models: Sinteque & DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: Daniel Berserker

Heavy Rubber Doll

2016-10-19 DutchDame 40 images Fetish
Heavy Rubber Doll 0
Heavy Rubber Doll 1
Heavy Rubber Doll 2
Heavy Rubber Doll 3
Heavy Rubber Doll 4

DutchDame is your fetish fatasy!
Today she is all dressed up in layers of latex,
as a good heavy rubber doll.

Model: DutchDame
Corsets: HW Design
Photographer: FetishTool


2015-12-19 DutchDame 10 images Fetish
Amsterdam 0
Amsterdam 1
Amsterdam 2
Amsterdam 3
Amsterdam 4

Wearing super sexy corsets in the middle of Amsterdam.
From sexy vixen to innocent angel, this set has it all!
Join DutchDame in her bedroom corset party...

Model: DutchDame
Corsets: Bizarre Design
Photographer: Marcus Gloger

Inner Sanctum Dress

2015-10-31 DutchDame 45 images Fetish
Inner Sanctum Dress 0
Inner Sanctum Dress 1
Inner Sanctum Dress 2
Inner Sanctum Dress 3
Inner Sanctum Dress 4

This gorgeous red dress, with build in corset, is a perfect fit!
Before hitting a fetish party, I have my picture taken.
Of course more latex is added. Turning this glamorous dress into a heavy rubber outfit!

Model: DutchDame
Latex dress: Inner Sanctum
Photographer: L.A.TEX
Location: Zauberfetish