Captain Cadets 0

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 4 April 2014

Meet my latex sister, Kim OnArt. Together we are dressed as the latex captain cadets. 
Both are wearing these white and blue rubber dresses, with matching gloves. 

Models: Kim Onart & DutchDame
Latex: WestWard Bound
Photographer: Alex Perez


Rubber Harley Quinn 0

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 15 May 2013

DutchDame is dressed up in a rubber Harley Quinn costume. I love to costume play and being the Harley Quinn character! Join me inside for heavy rubber fun and smiles.

Model: DutchDame
Latex: Andromeda-Latex 
Photographer: KinkyStyle

Double Trouble 0

Call it "Double Trouble" ... Had fun with my friends Bunny Glittergun and Sinteque shooting this wonderful latex set! 

Models: DutchDame, Bunny Glittergun & Sinteque
Photographer: Berserker
Location: Feisty Cat Studio

Transparent Nun

4:24 minutes Latex, Recent, Costume
Transparent Nun 0

Loved wearing this purple transparent nun outfit from HW Design! Hoods and Capes - how perfect! 

Model: DutchDame
Latex: HW Design latex

Leopard Lady 0

Felt the fierce power of the leopard in this great HW Design outfit! Loved every layer of hood, catsuit, cape and more... Such a treat! 

Model: DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: Hikari San

Captured Phantom 0

Our Latex Superhero has been captured and tied up to a tippy chair! Only the mastermind Lew Rubens knows what will happen when the candle burns... Who will come to save her?

Model: DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Bondage: Lew Rubens
Photographer: Rob McRae

No one was harmed during this shoot, all was safe and done by professionals. Please don't attempt this at home!

Yes, Sir!

38 images Latex, Blonde, Costume
Yes, Sir! 0

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 17 November 2009

A latex lovers dream... The photographer asked for more and more latex to my outfit of the day - how could you not say yes to that? 

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: Steepthought

Together with Amrita on the chair 0

Today’s Lesson with Amrita: How to tie to this curved chair! As always a big thank you and shout out to HW Design for the great latex, and Amrita for sharing your knowledge of ropes with me for the day! 

Models: DutchDame & Amrita
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: Hikari San

Transformation to Mouse 0

Fun shoot with the Mouse outfit from HW Design Latex! Got to be a Mouse for a Day! Had a great time with this latex transformation set. Enjoy! 

Model: DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: Hikari San

Pony Training: the video 0

I loved being a Latex Pony with my dear friends Sandra and Sinteque! Sandra and I were big and tall getting to prance around with Sinteque leading us in the bright sun!

Models: Sinteque, Sandra & DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: Daniel Berserker