On the rooftop

2018-04-09 DutchDame 24 images Amateur, Bondage, Outdoors
On the rooftop 0
On the rooftop 1
On the rooftop 2
On the rooftop 3
On the rooftop 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 05 September 2011

On a lovely summer evening, I couldn't resist teasing my master a little bit. He dragged me up to the roof and stripped me naked. Tied me up and expose me to the entire neighbourhood! I made lots of new friends that day...

Model: DutchDame 
Bondage: Ropemarks 

Double Hooded Dame

2018-03-19 DutchDame 5:23 minutes BDSM, Amateur, Bondage
Double Hooded Dame 1
Double Hooded Dame 2
Double Hooded Dame 3
Double Hooded Dame 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 10 September 2010

DutchDame in a double hood...
Naked, strapped into a chair and filmed for your pleasure!

Latex & Lube

2018-03-16 DutchDame 12:35 minutes Amateur, Latex, Recent
Latex & Lube 1
Latex & Lube 2
Latex & Lube 3
Latex & Lube 4

This is the most private video I have ever made for you...
It is just me and the camera. No changes were made afterwards in the light or color.
This is pure raw, pure me! Just my body and a whole lot of latex & lube.
Join me inside for the 100% real and intimate video!

DutchDame wearing HW Design

Chrome cuffs and body

2018-02-26 DutchDame 24 images Erotic Nude, Amateur, Chastity
Chrome cuffs and body 0
Chrome cuffs and body 1
Chrome cuffs and body 2
Chrome cuffs and body 3
Chrome cuffs and body 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 9 May 2010

Steepthought brought a metal chrome coloured body set with matching handcuffs. Feeling sexy and the cold chrome clothing feels so good to my naked skin. Such a great feeling of cold metal warming up to my own body temperature. Besides that we had some fun with the mirror, double DutchDame!

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: Steepthought

Playing with candles

2018-02-19 DutchDame 59 images Erotic Nude, Amateur, BDSM
Playing with candles 0
Playing with candles 1
Playing with candles 2
Playing with candles 3
Playing with candles 4

Today I am shooting in the fetish cafe in Antwerp, Belgium. This dungeon has lots of candles standing around. Watch me drip wax all over my body until I am completely covered. Including my bald head... Do you want to play with the candles too?

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: Andre Marchandise

Yellow Catsuit

2018-01-29 DutchDame 29 images Latex, Amateur, Archive
Yellow Catsuit 0
Yellow Catsuit 1
Yellow Catsuit 2
Yellow Catsuit 3
Yellow Catsuit 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 31 December 2009

This lovely yellow catsuit fits like a glove!
Showing my every curve on my body.
The zipper has some tension, it can slide open any second.
Showing you every thing that is underneath...

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: Steepthought

Public nudity

2018-01-15 DutchDame 25 images Erotic Nude, Amateur, Outdoors
Public nudity 0
Public nudity 1
Public nudity 2
Public nudity 3
Public nudity 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 23 August 2009

Working magic with Ira Chernova once more! It was a last minute shoot and very cold outside. However that didn't stop use from using this amazing location.Shooting nudes outdoors in public. Join us on the roof, in the streets and next to a church!

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: Ira Chernova

Lycra red catsuit

2018-01-08 DutchDame 20 images Fetish, Amateur, Stripping
Lycra red catsuit 0
Lycra red catsuit 1
Lycra red catsuit 2
Lycra red catsuit 3
Lycra red catsuit 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 27 March 2009

My first time in a lycra red catsuit. This catsuit is a slim fit and looks shiny!

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: Richard Hoogendijk

JC Creations Corsets

2018-01-01 DutchDame 28 images Erotic Nude, Amateur, Fetish
JC Creations Corsets 0
JC Creations Corsets 1
JC Creations Corsets 2
JC Creations Corsets 3
JC Creations Corsets 4

HIGHLIGHT: First published on 21 December 2008

DutchDame is wearing various corsets by JC. Creations. 
Watch me in full corsets, waist cincher, lacing, bustiers, high heels and sexy stockings!

Model: DutchDame
Designer: JC Creations

Submissive on the sofa, the video

2017-12-29 DutchDame 8:23 minutes Amateur, Fetish, Latex
Submissive on the sofa, the video 1
Submissive on the sofa, the video 2
Submissive on the sofa, the video 3
Submissive on the sofa, the video 4

He commands me to strip out of my clothing and take place on the sofa.
I am patiently waiting as I watch him unpack his bag.
My master brought lots of ropes, latex and cloths.
Slowly I get more and more excited as I wonder what he will do to me.
He walks up to me and smiles 'Let's have some fun' he says...

Model: DutchDame
Ropes: Ropemarks
Photographer: KinkyStyle