Lovely Latex Video

2015-08-31 DutchDame 4:29 minutes Latex
Lovely Latex Video 1
Lovely Latex Video 2
Lovely Latex Video 3
Lovely Latex Video 4

Model: DutchDame
Lovely Latex by: Brigitte More

Red Hoods

2015-08-28 DutchDame 100 images Latex
Red Hoods 0
Red Hoods 1
Red Hoods 2
Red Hoods 3
Red Hoods 4

Today DutchDame is the lady in red hoods! 
Starting out with a heavy rubber outfit. 
Adding a blindfold, gag and another beautiful red inflatable hood! 
This update features a total head enclosure. 
Preventing her from hearing and seeing you coming close to her. 
Join DutchDame on my sofa for heavy rubber time!

Model: DutchDame 
Photographer: L-A-TEX

Trench Coat

2015-08-14 DutchDame 80 images Latex
Trench Coat 0
Trench Coat 1
Trench Coat 2
Trench Coat 3
Trench Coat 4

On a cold winters day I seduce with my long latex trench coat. It is elegant and fully made of rubber. Also I am wearing a latex secret outfit underneath this coat. Join me inside and let me reveal this secret sexy rubber outfit for you!

Model: DutchDame ®
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: KinkyStyle

The Collection

2015-08-07 DutchDame 31 images Latex
The Collection 0
The Collection 1
The Collection 2
The Collection 3
The Collection 4

This set is an collection of Dutch Dame in diverse latex outfits, corsets and bondage. Enjoy Dutch Dame in all styles!

Model: DutchDame ®
Bondage: RopeMarks
Latex: Boombastic Rubber
Corsets: Bizarre Design
Photographer: Marcus Gloger

Tags: latex, rubber

Wrapped in Latex

2015-07-24 DutchDame 37 images Latex
Wrapped in Latex 0
Wrapped in Latex 1
Wrapped in Latex 2
Wrapped in Latex 3
Wrapped in Latex 4

Wrapped in black latex from head to toe. 
Every inch of my body is covered with rubber. 
I can't see where you are, if you are close to me or far away. 
Wrap me in plastic so I can't escape... 

Model: DutchDame ®
Rubber: Fantastic Rubber, Kink Engineering, HW Design & Fetishtool
Photographer: L-A-TEX

Tags: latex, rubber, hood

Plastic House

2015-06-19 DutchDame 37 images Latex
Plastic House 0
Plastic House 1
Plastic House 2
Plastic House 3
Plastic House 4

Let me welcome you in my plastic house! I will show you around in diverse outfits. I will take you on a little tour among the living room and hallway. Through out the tour I will change my latex outfits for you. However always on sexy ballet boots. Join me inside the house and watch me pose for your eyes only...

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: Guldor Photography

Red Sofa

2015-06-12 DutchDame 82 images Latex
Red Sofa 0
Red Sofa 1
Red Sofa 2
Red Sofa 3
Red Sofa 4

This time I am all dressed up especially for my date with you. I am wearing my sexy latex gown, it shows off my curves and long legs. Then I invite you next to my on the red sofa. Allow me to strip from this gorgeous dress, for your eyes only...

Model: DutchDame ®
Latex by: HW Design
Photographer: KinkyStyle


2015-06-05 DutchDame 39 images Bondage
Bound 0
Bound 1
Bound 2
Bound 3
Bound 4

In an abandoned building mister RopeMarks hunts me down. We end up in a long corridor. No escaping the ropes he brought. How I love the feeling of rubber and bondage together. Maybe this situation is not so bad after all...

Model: DutchDame ®
Bondage by: RopeMarks
Photographer: Imaginary Tease

Tags: latex

Double D

2015-05-29 DutchDame 95 images Latex
Double D 0
Double D 1
Double D 2
Double D 3
Double D 4

The lovely Dutch Dame with double D breasts! Dutch Dame is posing for you in the gorgeous DeMask rubber corset. To turn her in a proper slave girl, Dutch Dame wears metal cuffs and collars especially for you...

Model: DutchDame ®
Rubber by: DeMask
Photographer: KinkyStyle
Metal by: Metal Bondage

Tags: latex

Pervy in Pink

2015-05-15 DutchDame 135 images Latex
Pervy in Pink 0
Pervy in Pink 1
Pervy in Pink 2
Pervy in Pink 3
Pervy in Pink 4

"Dutch Dame is pervy in pink! All dressed up as a heavy rubber pink maid, here to serve you. Wearing multiple hoods, a tight waist corset and a neck corset. As a maid I will serve you and bring you your glass of champagne. However I will also bring you my multiple gas masks. Which one would you like me to wear..."

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: FetishTool