Ropebunny Xander

2017-10-20 DutchDame and Xander 24 images Female Domination
Ropebunny Xander 0
Ropebunny Xander 1
Ropebunny Xander 2
Ropebunny Xander 3
Ropebunny Xander 4

Introducing my male rope bunny Xander. Time for lots of rope and femdom. Taking control over this man, tying him up rope by rope. Would you like to join me for female dominiation and bondage play? I invite you to join me...

Models: DutchDame and Xander
Latex: HW Design
Photography: Ork Fotografie

In the club

2017-10-16 DutchDame 5:03 minutes Latex
In the club 1
In the club 2

DutchDame is dressed in multiple latex outfits. First I will take you to the bar and make you comfortable. Then I will take you to the next room to show you my sexy catsuit! It is so shiny and skintight!

Model: DutchDame
Latex: Fantastic Rubber
Videographer: Guldor Photography

In the attic, this could be...

2017-10-13 DutchDame 1:21 minutes BDSM
In the attic, this could be... 1
In the attic, this could be... 2
In the attic, this could be... 3
In the attic, this could be... 4

In a dark attic you could find these girls... They are tied and suspended to a metal framework. This framework used to have glass in it, there are still some sharp pieces pinching the girls naked skin. They are stripped of their clothing, completely naked and upside down. What would you do if you found these girls like this?

Models: DutchDame & Kitty 
Video: Ropemarks

Latex Sisters

2017-10-09 DutchDame and Kim Onart 10 images Fetish
Latex Sisters 0
Latex Sisters 1
Latex Sisters 2
Latex Sisters 3
Latex Sisters 4

DutchDame and Kim Onart are latex sisters! Hand in hand they walk through the park. Will you join us for a stroll on this nice summer day?

Models: DutchDame & Kim OnArt
Latex: Odd Territory
MUA: Damien Genefaas
Photographer: Mario Maganda

Fetish Cafe Video

2017-10-06 DutchDame 8:05 minutes Bondage
Fetish Cafe Video 1
Fetish Cafe Video 2
Fetish Cafe Video 3
Fetish Cafe Video 4

A behind the scene video of DutchDame in the fetish cafe, together with Ropemarks and Studio3. Watch us preparing, creating and tying in a dark dungeon... Join us for a bdsm torture shoot! From tying DutchDame hands together all the way to tying her neck to the ceiling...

Dressed for the park

2017-10-02 DutchDame 14 images Brunette
Dressed for the park 0
Dressed for the park 1
Dressed for the park 2
Dressed for the park 3
Dressed for the park 4

I adore wearing latex in public! Like this gorgeous yellow dress made by my friend from Odd Territory. Will you join me for a walk in the park? I am dressed for the occasion...

Model: DutchDame
Latex: Odd Territory
MUA: Damien Genefaas
Photographer: Mario Maganda

L'Amour Ladies

2017-09-29 DutchDame and Louise L'Amour 19 images Latex
L'Amour Ladies 0
L'Amour Ladies 1
L'Amour Ladies 2
L'Amour Ladies 3
L'Amour Ladies 4

L'Amour Ladies are standing here before you, all dressed up in latex and ready to play with you! DutchDame and Louise L'Amour are wearing super shiny HW Design latex. Join us for today's latex play with us girls... Photography by TheBlackSheep Photography.

Sitting on wood

2017-09-25 DutchDame 13 images Bondage
Sitting on wood 0
Sitting on wood 1
Sitting on wood 2
Sitting on wood 3
Sitting on wood 4

I enter this beautiful penthouse on top of a building in Antwerp. He asks me to take of my clothes. I go to the bathroom and undress myself in private. When I return naked, the pillows are removed from the bench. He asks me to go sit on the wood...
DutchDame in ropes by Ropemarks, photography by KinkyStyle.

Duo video by LatexFashionTV

2017-09-22 DutchDame and Louise L'Amour 1:38 minutes Latex
Duo video by LatexFashionTV 1
Duo video by LatexFashionTV 2
Duo video by LatexFashionTV 3
Duo video by LatexFashionTV 4

Behind the scene footage from an erotic shoot with DutchDame and Louise L'Amour wearing HW Design and photographer TheBlackSheep Photography. During this shoot I invite you to join us and watch me model and pose for you! Video by the awesome LatexFashionTV.

At the lake

2017-09-18 DutchDame 20 images Latex
At the lake 0
At the lake 1
At the lake 2
At the lake 3
At the lake 4

One summer at the lake of Portschach am Worthersee, such a beautiful day! Perfect time to dress up in latex and have a swim. Will you join me celebrate this gorgeous day...
DutchDame wearing Odd Territory latex, photography by Toine.