Shining Stones

2011-08-16 DutchDame 13 images Erotic Nude
Shining Stones 0
Shining Stones 1
Shining Stones 2
Shining Stones 3
Shining Stones 4

This serie is a glamour shoot with a kinky twist. 
Very classy and sexy shots with some subtile kinky accessoiries...Yummy! Watch me all nude on the bed and in the shiny bathroom.

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: Teemu Jaaskela

The Hanged Man

2011-08-08 DutchDame 17 images Bondage
The Hanged Man 0
The Hanged Man 1
The Hanged Man 2
The Hanged Man 3
The Hanged Man 4

"This serie is inspired on the tarot card `The hanged man´. Just as the man in the image, I am suspended by one ankle. But first RopeMarks suspends me from the stairs in order to get me up in the air for a longer time. Watch me suspended and suffering in the empty space..."

Model: DutchDame ®
Bondage by: RopeMarks
Photographer: Me-chiel

Tags: nude

Upside Down Dame

2011-06-21 DutchDame 30 images BDSM
Upside Down Dame 0
Upside Down Dame 1
Upside Down Dame 2
Upside Down Dame 3
Upside Down Dame 4

Brand new bondage update with lots of images of Upside Down Dame. Watch me getting tied, hooded, blindfolded, gagged and hanged upside down in an heavy armed SM studio.

Model: DutchDame ®
Bondage: RopeMarks
Photographer: KinkyStyle 

Tags: latex


2011-05-19 DutchDame 20 images Erotic Nude
Lampe 0
Lampe 1
Lampe 2
Lampe 3
Lampe 4

The images are a few years old but still worth to be online. 
Watch me move my body in surreal poses as the camera follows me down on the floor. 
My hair is messy and my body is sprayed wet with water.My shiny body is sliding from position into position...

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: Eduard Lampe


2011-05-10 DutchDame 25 images BDSM
Skyline 0
Skyline 1
Skyline 2
Skyline 3
Skyline 4

Oh yes, a hot summer day when I am dripping through my latex being all wet. On the roof being dressed with more rubber, and more, and more! Then I walk on pebbles with ballet heels, blindfolded and restrained. Eventually some one gags me, I can see anything anymore...

Model: DutchDame ®
Bondage by: RopeMarks
Photographer: coJac Photography

Tags: latex


2011-04-25 DutchDame 18 images Bondage
Cinch 0
Cinch 1
Cinch 2
Cinch 3
Cinch 4

A while ago I did this bondage shoot with rigger RopeMarks and photographer Yurekli photography. It was a succesfull day and the results are in! Hope you enjoy RopeMarks tying my naked skin up in a lovely hotel room. Starting out with some light love bondage, but he can' t resist to put rope before my eyes and gag me...

Model: DutchDame ®
Bondage: RopeMarks
Photographer: Yurekli Photography

Tags: rope


2011-02-22 DutchDame 20 images Erotic Nude
Inthens 0
Inthens 1
Inthens 2
Inthens 3
Inthens 4

On a lovely day I find myself naked between the curtains. I move for you, try out different gloves, tights, shoes and pose in them as well. 
Making myself all pretty to seduce you in a glamour and artistic way.

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: Inthens

Studio Shane

2011-01-19 DutchDame 31 images Latex
Studio Shane 0
Studio Shane 1
Studio Shane 2
Studio Shane 3
Studio Shane 4

"I was welcome in Shane's SM studio in Antwerp, Belgium. I went there to shoot with Patrick from KinkyStyle, to make some perverted latex series. I have been sliding in latex all day and over all the lovely SM furniture. How I wish you were there with me, so we could enjoy together..."

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: KinkyStyle  

Tags: latex, rubber

Outside nudes

2010-12-14 DutchDame 30 images Erotic Nude
Outside nudes 0
Outside nudes 1
Outside nudes 2
Outside nudes 3
Outside nudes 4

Photographer Coloured life brought me too this toolshed that was huge! Getting dirty between the heavy machinery, as I crawl over the table. When we went next door, we found an empty theather and a beautiful garden.Let's have some naked fun here!

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: Coloured Life

Latex X

2010-12-06 DutchDame 15 images Latex
Latex X 0
Latex X 1
Latex X 2
Latex X 3
Latex X 4

How can I resist a gorgeous tight heavy rubber corset... not! I had to wear it and slowly move to enjoy to the fullest! Even the warmth of the hot sun can't stop me from doing what I am doing in Steepthoughts SM Studio. Oh... I see whips in the corner, oh my... 

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: Steepthought

Tags: latex, corset