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I love being in the hands of Domina Anna Rose in the Alterpic dungeons. This play was amazing! Mistress Anna had me standing on 6 inch heels, while wearing over 10 kilo's of metal. After a few hours I can not stand anymore... The mistress puts me in a cage for a little break. My legs get time to recover while my body is being restricted. 

Hours have past by, and the sun is about to go under. The warm hot red light of the sun down is glowing through the windows. Mistress Anna gets me out of the cage and dresses me up. She put ballet boots and metal cuffs on me. The big metal cuff around my neck is attached to the ceiling. This prevents me from falling when my legs give up. 

Now our play continues... When I need to breath I stand up straight on my legs enduring the pain in my feet. When I go through my legs it put strength on my neck and makes breathing difficult for me. Mistress Anna is sitting right in front of me, just watching and enjoying her beverage. 

But where to put her glass! Mistress needs a table tonight. Anna release me from my neck chains and brings me to a pillar. I can lean on this to prevent going through my legs. But what is this? She is wrapping me to the pillar with plastic? My body is restricted and pressed against the stone pillar. But on the front a table is connected to my collar and waist. Perfect little table for the Mistress to display her beverage on. 

Total hours played: 6
Total metal use: 10 kilo's
Total kinky score: 10/10

Stay tuned! This is only part 1 of 2 videos, more coming soon!

Models: DutchDame and Anna Rose (Alterpic)
Videographer: Uwe Rose