Captured Phantom 0
Captured Phantom 1
Captured Phantom 2
Captured Phantom 3
Captured Phantom 4

The Phantom walked into the wrong room at the wrong time...
She got captured by the fantastic Lew Rubens.
When she realizes what is going, she found herself tied in a tippy chair.
She shakes her head and looks around her.
Tied, gagged and close to a burning candle. 
This candle is burning down and will in time burn through the rope.
When the rope breaks... the gun in front will fire!
Will you come safe her? Join us inside to find out what happens

Model: DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Bondage: Lew Rubens
Photographer: Rob McRea

No one was harmed during this shoot, all was safe and done by professionals. Please don't attend this at home!