Sex: female

Eye color: blue

Hair color: brunette

Weight: 68 kg

Height: 182 cm

Size of dress: 38 (according to EU standard)

Size of shoes: 39 (according to EU standard)

Size of bra: 75C


Latex and bondage fetish model from the Netherlands!

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Available collections

Ropebunny Xander 0
2017-10-20 DutchDame and Xander 24 images Female Domination

Ropebunny Xander

In the club 0
2017-10-16 DutchDame 5:03 minutes Latex

In the club

In the attic, this could be... 0
2017-10-13 DutchDame 1:21 minutes BDSM

In the attic, this could be...

Latex Sisters 0
2017-10-09 DutchDame and Kim Onart 10 images Fetish

Latex Sisters

Fetish Cafe Video 0
2017-10-06 DutchDame 8:05 minutes Bondage

Fetish Cafe Video

Dressed for the park 0
2017-10-02 DutchDame 14 images Brunette

Dressed for the park

L'Amour Ladies 0
2017-09-29 DutchDame and Louise L'Amour 19 images Latex

L'Amour Ladies

Sitting on wood 0
2017-09-25 DutchDame 13 images Bondage

Sitting on wood

Duo video by LatexFashionTV 0
2017-09-22 DutchDame and Louise L'Amour 1:38 minutes Latex

Duo video by LatexFashionTV