A bondage session with Mistress Amrita 0
A bondage session with Mistress Amrita 1
A bondage session with Mistress Amrita 2
A bondage session with Mistress Amrita 3
A bondage session with Mistress Amrita 4

Such an honor to be a slave for the gorgeous Mistress Amrita.
I love being tied by her, she is an amazing shibari rigger.
The ropes and latex feels so good on my skin.
Once tied up, the Mistress has a surprise in mind for me.
All of a sudden she is holding a whip! I didn't see that one coming...

Models: DutchDame and Mistress Amrita
Latex: HW Design
Photographer: Hikari San

Aurora Mystique

2016-11-12 − DutchDame, Aurora Mystique − 60 images
Aurora Mystique 0
Aurora Mystique 1
Aurora Mystique 2
Aurora Mystique 3
Aurora Mystique 4

Are you ready? Cause Mistress DutchDame is coming for you!
Gorgeous slave girl Aurora Mystique is all locked up in the cage.
Let's take her out for a little bit and play around with her.
We brought metal cuffs, latex catsuit, corset, heels and ropes!

Models: Nici & DutchDame
Latex: HW Design
Bondage: DutchDame
Location: No Limits Bar
Photographer: Hikari San

Sharing Air

2015-12-16 − Anna Rose, DutchDame − 68 images
Sharing Air 0
Sharing Air 1
Sharing Air 2
Sharing Air 3
Sharing Air 4

DutchDame and Anna Rose decided to sneak in an abandoned building.
They got lost in the Alterpic dungeons and don't know where to go.
Until someone push them in a tall cage in which they can hardly move.
What will happens to them next...

Models: DutchDame & Anna Rose (Alterpic)
Photographer: Uwe Rose

Dark dungeon

2015-10-05 − DutchDame − 20 images
Dark dungeon 0
Dark dungeon 1
Dark dungeon 2
Dark dungeon 3
Dark dungeon 4

She is being locked in the dark dungeon for hours.
DutchDame is screaming for help through the bars of her cage.
Instead of setting her free, let's make her suffer a little bit more...

Model: DutchDame 
Bondage: Rope marks
Photographer: FetLight