Odd Territory Showroom

2016-01-22 DutchDame and Kim Onart 65 images Latex
Odd Territory Showroom 0
Odd Territory Showroom 1
Odd Territory Showroom 2
Odd Territory Showroom 3
Odd Territory Showroom 4

Welcome to our showroom!
DutchDame and her girlfriend Kim OnArt wil dress up for you, in various latex outfits and corsets. 
Please have a seat and enjoy the show! 

Models: DutchDame and Kim OnArt
Latex: Odd Territory
Corsets: Bizarre Design
Photographer: Marco Mazzini

Skyline Video

2015-01-28 DutchDame 3:22 minutes BDSM
Skyline Video 1
Skyline Video 2
Skyline Video 3
Skyline Video 4

Oh yes, a hot summer day when I am dripping through my latex being all wet. 
On the roof being dressed with more rubber, and more, and more! 
Then I walk on pebbles with ballet heels, blindfolded and restrained. 
Eventually some one gags me, I can see anything anymore...

Model: DutchDame
Bondage & video by: RopeMarks

Pump it up!

2014-07-04 DutchDame 5:56 minutes Latex
Pump it up! 1
Pump it up! 2
Pump it up! 3
Pump it up! 4

Model: DutchDame ®
Video by: RopeMarks


2009-03-27 DutchDame 20 images Fetish
Red 0
Red 1
Red 2
Red 3
Red 4

My first time in a lycra stretch catsuit. This catsuit is just as nice shiny! Plus I get to wear high heels and that makes me such a happy girl!

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: Richard Hoogendijk

Tags: lycra, boots