2014-09-05 DutchDame 81 images Latex
Foxy 0
Foxy 1
Foxy 2
Foxy 3
Foxy 4

Dressed in a dress of black and metallic pewter rubber, but what am I wearing underneath... Shall I unzip my dress... Well okay then, but for your eyes only! 

Model: DutchDame ®
Bondage: Veronique's Female Fashion 
Photographer: Lime Foxs

Strictly Submissive

2014-06-20 DutchDame and Valentina Fetish D. 75 images Latex
Strictly Submissive 0
Strictly Submissive 1
Strictly Submissive 2
Strictly Submissive 3
Strictly Submissive 4

DutchDame is one lucky lady being able to play with the submissive and gorgeous Valentina. Both are fully dressed in dark green and red latex. The outfits are complete with tied corsets and a hood. DutchDame wears a hat and carries the whip. The beautiful Valentina joins her and gets close to DutchDame. Let's play!

Models: Valentina Fetish D. & DutchDame ®
Photos: FetishTool

Double HW

2014-05-21 DutchDame and Psylocke 10 images Latex
Double HW 0
Double HW 1
Double HW 2
Double HW 3
Double HW 4

What is better then one girl dressed in HW Design latex? 
Two girls dressed in HW Design latex! 
Watch the beautiful DutchDame and the sexy Psylocke together. 
Dressed in amazing red, black and gold coloured latex.

Models: Dutch Dame & Psylocke
Photographer: Thomas Bommi Burggraf
Latex: HW Design

Latex Lady

2014-05-15 DutchDame 70 images Latex
Latex Lady 0
Latex Lady 1
Latex Lady 2
Latex Lady 3
Latex Lady 4

Meet the latex lady. Wearing her beautiful tied corset with diamonds. This lady gets dressed up with more latex. The latex lady ends fully dressed in heavy rubber and tied in cuffs. Beautiful dressed and yet no where were she can go...

Model: DutchDame ®
Latex: Lady Oops
Photographer: RopeMarks 

Latex Girlfriends

2014-04-24 DutchDame and HoneyHair 99 images Latex
Latex Girlfriends 0
Latex Girlfriends 1
Latex Girlfriends 2
Latex Girlfriends 3
Latex Girlfriends 4

Hmmmm Honey Hair... She is such a lovely and sexy lady. I am so in love with this beauty! Watch us being latex girlfriends in the bedroom. DutchDame is dressing up naked Honey Hair in black rubber. Starting with a black catsuit, gloves, ballet boots, hood and then an inflatable hood. Dressing her up like a rubber doll!

Models: HoneyHair & DutchDame ®
Photographer: FetLight

The Captain Cadets

2014-04-04 DutchDame and Kim Onart 26 images Latex
The Captain Cadets 0
The Captain Cadets 1
The Captain Cadets 2
The Captain Cadets 3
The Captain Cadets 4

Meet DutchDame's girlfriend Kim Onart. These girls are dressed as the latex captain cadets. 
Both are wearing these sexy rubber dresses, showing you all their lovely figures. 
These girls will show you their long legs and sexy curves.

Models: Kim Onart & DutchDame ®
Latex: WestWard Bound
Photographer: Alex Perez


Clowning Around Video

2014-03-05 DutchDame 3:24 minutes Bondage
Clowning Around Video 1
Clowning Around Video 2
Clowning Around Video 3
Clowning Around Video 4

Model DutchDame clowning around in rope.
Video made by RopeMarks.

The Rubber Couple

2013-08-12 DutchDame and Marilyn Yusuf 26 images Latex
The Rubber Couple 0
The Rubber Couple 1
The Rubber Couple 2
The Rubber Couple 3
The Rubber Couple 4

The beautiful Marilyn Yusuf came to Amsterdam and spend a day with me in rubber.
 She is so lovely and has such an amazing smile. 
Also she has just the perfect height to lay her head to rest on my big boobs.

Models: Marilyn Yusuf & DutchDame
Latex: Sebastian Cauchos & Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: RopeMarks

Mighty Contrast

2013-07-26 DutchDame 20 images Latex
Mighty Contrast 0
Mighty Contrast 1
Mighty Contrast 2
Mighty Contrast 3
Mighty Contrast 4

"A girls wardrobe can never have enough purple latex! I love this metallic purple catsuit by Fantastic Rubber. Fits my body just perfectly! It shows you all my curves and long legs. Wish you were here to lube my entire body..."

Model: DutchDame ®
Catsuit by: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: RopeMarks

Rubber Sisters

2013-04-15 DutchDame and Rubber Sisters 53 images Latex
Rubber Sisters 0
Rubber Sisters 1
Rubber Sisters 2
Rubber Sisters 3
Rubber Sisters 4

The Rubber Sisters are so hot and sexy! 
Covered in pink rubber they get tied by RopeMarks during the Boundcon convention. 
DutchDame is joining too. Watch us being restrained and enjoying each other.

Bondage: RopeMarks 
Models: DutchDame & Rubber Sisters