2013-01-16 DutchDame and Mistress Lucrezia 30 images Fetish
Yoga 0
Yoga 1
Yoga 2
Yoga 3
Yoga 4

Bendy Mistress Ira gave me the pleasure of serving her during a yoga training. 
First she dressed me up in rubber and ballet heels. 
Then she brings me on my knees and worship her sexy legs. 
Eventually she allows me to lift her up in divine poses...

Bondage by: RopeMarks
Models: Goddess Ira & DutchDame
Photographer: KinkyStyle


2012-12-28 DutchDame 48 images Fetish
Webers 0
Webers 1
Webers 2
Webers 3
Webers 4

"In Amsterdam there is this shop called Webers, they have unique designs and accessoires. I came there from time to time, and Tony asked me to model for their clothing... Yes! I was so lucky that I was able to wear their corsets, dresses and shoes. Very skin showing, very sexy."

Model: DutchDame ®
Fetish clothing by: Webers
Photographer: Tony Amsterdam

Fetish Cafe

2012-01-30 DutchDame 18 images Bondage
Fetish Cafe 0
Fetish Cafe 1
Fetish Cafe 2
Fetish Cafe 3
Fetish Cafe 4

Join me and enter the Fetish Cafe! 
Walk down the stairs with me and lets continue into the dungeon. 
With candles wax, torture machines, hooks and ropes. 
After showing me every spot in the dungeon, hang me up side down to suffer...

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: Studio3
Bondage: RopeMarks

Tags: fetish


2010-01-25 DutchDame 24 images Fetish
Blame 0
Blame 1
Blame 2
Blame 3
Blame 4

One thing I love in photography are shooting in abandoned buildings. As for this serie, RopeMarks brought us to this fine location for some shootings. As he prepared, Guldor and I all ready with some nice latex and ballet heels images. How I loved the cold wind touches my body as I try to pose on ballet heels...

Model: DutchDame ®
Photographer: Guldor 


2010-01-05 DutchDame 35 images Fetish
Conjo 0
Conjo 1
Conjo 2
Conjo 3
Conjo 4

Getting tied by RopeMarks is making me so happy. Even though this is not a proper bondage (I have the urge to be restrained to the fullest!), I enjoy every rope he puts on me.

Model: DutchDame ®
Bondage: RopeMarks
Photographer: Guldor 

The Green Slate

2009-11-09 DutchDame 26 images Fetish
The Green Slate 0
The Green Slate 1
The Green Slate 2
The Green Slate 3
The Green Slate 4

My first shoot with Guldor. He asked me to model for him in a fashion bondage shoot. Of course I was interested, not knowing that RopeMarks was the one to tie me up. I am excited... are you? Ready to watch me covered with ropes... in an abandoned building... No one can hear us...

Model: DutchDame ®
Bondage: RopeMarks
Photographer: Guldor 

Tags: fetish

Property of RopeMarks

2009-10-17 DutchDame 3:58 minutes BDSM
Property of RopeMarks 1
Property of RopeMarks 2
Property of RopeMarks 3
Property of RopeMarks 4

Watch Dutch Dame suffering in bondage while RopeMarks ties her up...

Model: DutchDame ®
Videographer: RopeMarks