Pink Kitty

2015-11-18 − DutchDame − 20 images
Pink Kitty 0
Pink Kitty 1
Pink Kitty 2
Pink Kitty 3
Pink Kitty 4

In the morning you will find this pink kitty cat in the bed.
Dressed in latex pants, socks, hood and little gloves. This kitty wants to be petted...

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: Ultimate Psycho

Catsuits & corsets

2015-11-16 − DutchDame, Sinteque − 43 images
Catsuits & corsets 0
Catsuits & corsets 1
Catsuits & corsets 2
Catsuits & corsets 3
Catsuits & corsets 4

These catsuits fits these girls so perfectly. Every inch of there body is covered by black shiny latex.
Yet leaving their hands free to put on corsets on each other.
Cause after all, what is better then one girl in a catsuit and corset...
Two girls dressed in catsuits and corsets!

Models: DutchDame & Sinteque
Latex: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Daniel Berserker

All you need

2015-11-11 − DutchDame − 38 images
All you need 0
All you need 1
All you need 2
All you need 3
All you need 4

All you need... is latex and rope!DutchDame gets tied in rope bondage. 
The rope does not only covers her naked body, but also her hair and face...

Model: DutchDame
Gloves: All you need is gloves
Photographer: Lime Foxs

Miss Mirjana

2015-11-09 − DutchDame, Miss Mirjana − 22 images
Miss Mirjana 0
Miss Mirjana 1
Miss Mirjana 2
Miss Mirjana 3
Miss Mirjana 4

I always wanted to shoot with the one and only gorgeous Miss Mirjana.Today is my lucky day.
I get to dress up with her in heavy rubber. She is so lovely and sexy dressed in latex from head to toe!

Models: DutchDame & Miss Mirjana
Latex by: HW Design
Photographer: coJac Photography


2015-11-06 − DutchDame − 74 images
Rubberdoll 0
Rubberdoll 1
Rubberdoll 2
Rubberdoll 3
Rubberdoll 4

The sun is rising and I am waking up, fully dressed in heavy rubber.
This bed is so comfortable I just want to stay in bed. 
With these inflatable tits, there is no need for pillows!You can just lay down next to me, rest your head on my boobs...

Model: DutchDame 
Photographer: KinkyStyle


2015-11-04 − DutchDame, Sinteque − 43 images
Atlantis 0
Atlantis 1
Atlantis 2
Atlantis 3
Atlantis 4

DutchDame and Mistress Sinteque are dressed in Atlantis catsuits.
With these beautiful catsuits they wear matching gloves and boots.
DutchDame is even been giving matching cuffs and gag!

Models: Sinteque & DutchDame
Catsuit: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Daniel Berserker

Rope Bunnies

2015-11-02 − DutchDame, Haas − 47 images
Rope Bunnies 0
Rope Bunnies 1
Rope Bunnies 2
Rope Bunnies 3
Rope Bunnies 4

My second time I get to shoot together with girlfriend Haas.
In Dutch the name Haas means hare/bunny. Of course we tie her up like a proper rope bunny!

Models: DutchDame & Haas
Bondage: Rope marks
Photographer: Haas en Co.

Inner Sanctum Dress

2015-10-31 − DutchDame − 45 images
Inner Sanctum Dress 0
Inner Sanctum Dress 1
Inner Sanctum Dress 2
Inner Sanctum Dress 3
Inner Sanctum Dress 4

This gorgeous red dress, with build in corset, is a perfect fit!
Before hitting a fetish party, I have my picture taken.
Of course more latex is added. Turning this glamorous dress into a heavy rubber outfit!

Model: DutchDame
Latex dress: Inner Sanctum
Photographer: L.A.TEX
Location: Zauberfetish

Ball Headed

2015-10-30 − DutchDame − 65 images
Ball Headed 0
Ball Headed 1
Ball Headed 2
Ball Headed 3
Ball Headed 4

DutchDame is dressed up in black latex and strapped to a metal frame.
She is restrained with metal cuffs and latex belts.
To make suffer a little more she gets to wear a gag.
For the big final we add an inflatable double layered transparent hood...

Model: DutchDame
Photographer: L-A-TEX

Catsuit Romance

2015-10-26 − DutchDame, HoneyHair − 20 images
Catsuit Romance 0
Catsuit Romance 1
Catsuit Romance 2
Catsuit Romance 3
Catsuit Romance 4

Having a romance with the beautiful HoneyHair.Both wearing skin tied latex catsuits in different colors.
With matching gloves HoneyHair touches me all over my body. Join us as we lay down of floor for sexy latex romance!

Models: DutchDame & HoneyHair
Black catsuit: Fantastic Rubber
Photographer: Guldor